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Automate to Increase Control and Reduce Overhead

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HAI is perfect for commercial building automation and management projects.Manufacturing systems since 1985 and selling to over 80 countries has proven there is an HAI building management system for every business. HAI systems can be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing facilities. Simply choose the automation features you want based upon your business’ needs and budget, and scale the system at any time.

HAI Saves You Money.

Think of an HAI controller as the brain of your automated building. Various systems are controlled and monitored to maximize energy savings, comfort, convenience, entertainment, and safety. HAI is the robust yet affordable option of many restaurants, retail shopping malls, medical offices, places of worship, pharmacies, business offices, bank branches, fitness clubs, automotive care centers, etc.

Remote Access is built in to our systems. Monitor and control settings for multiple locations from a single iPhone, iPad or Android device with zero monthly fees.

The Perfect Fit for Any Building.

HAI's scalable solution is perfect for the corner store with 1 thermostat or the 100,000 square foot warehouse with 64 thermostats.

HAI systems offer a wealth of options for today’s commercial applications including wireless thermostats, load control modules (chillers, compressors, generators, etc), lighting controls, distributed audio systems with iPod docks, audio/video equipment controls, wireless security, video surveillance, access control, vehicle detection, customizable Touchscreens, and software applications for remote access, in addition to free API's and SDK's.

HAI has also partnered with dozens of other manufacturers to ensure total control of your facility.

Retrofitable + Reliable.

All HAI products can operate in a stand-alone fashion so they are not dependent on any other devices in the building, including computers. No single part can cause an entire system to fail. Light switches and thermostats communicate with the automation controller, but do not depend on it for normal operation.

Check out some fantastic commercial HAI installations for ideas on how to automate your business.


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