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Keep Your Customers Comfortable While Saving Money on Energy Use

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HAI Wireless ZigBee Energy Management on iPhone appHAI’s ZigBee wireless energy management products are retrofit friendly making installation and start-up quick and painless. In an effort to reduce costs in construction and operation, facilities managers are turning to building management systems to lower the energy expenditure in a building while increasing the quality of occupancy.

HAI provides total energy management with control of sub-systems including thermostats, humidifiers, lighting, water heaters, outdoor signage, chillers, generators, compressors, small appliances, and much more from within the facility or from anywhere in the world on a cellphone or computer. The systems can scale from one thermostat to 64 thermostats to suit most applications.

Temperatures: energy savings on tap

Control up to 64 wireless or wired programmable thermostats to reduce energy use and increase your bottom line. Monitor and control temperature and humidity while automatically changing climate control settings based on occupancy or time.

HAI Wireless ZigBee Energy ManagementLoad Control Modules: save money while you're away

Prevent phantom loads from water heaters, fountain or pool pumps, generators, and ceiling fans for even more savings. If a compressor for a cooler at a supermarket were to fail, both the store manager and repair technician could receive alerts thereby speeding repair response and preventing loss of inventory. If a water pipe were to burst, the HAI system could even wirelessly shut off the valve. By self-monitoring real-time energy use, high draw appliances can become more energy aware and change operating schedules automatically. Access a load individually from your cell phone to turn it on or off, or view the schedule to see when it was last adjusted.

Lighting: control virtually any light source

HAI Lighting ControlGain total control over lighting throughout your business’ location to improve security while also contributing to savings on your energy bill. Control interior and outdoor lights, including building signage. Even program lights to illuminate exit pathways during an alarm.

Automatically set lighting levels based on occupancy, time, or event. Unused lights will turn off when leaving the building and restore automatically upon return. HAI Lighting Control–the 110V solution– can even be retrofitted into existing structures without the need for new wiring. HAI’s Omni- Bus product line–the 220V lighting solution–is a hard-wired DIN rail solution, popular in the international marketplace.

Fine dining environment? Easily set lighting to emphasize points of interest such as artwork or furnishings. Limit mingling areas by lighting only the rooms or sections meant for gathering. And when business closes for the night, press one button for overnight settings.


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