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Without compromise, you can now achieve total control of all A/V systems through one interface. Additional automated features can be integrated for complete environmental control. Use one button on a Touchscreen/tablet/cell phone to close the curtains/shades, lower a screen, and turn on the appropriate A/V equipment. Even automatically adjust the lights and set the room temperature for the perfect presentation.

HAI Hi-Fi 2 Distributed Audio SystemDistributed Audio with Bluetooth: most compact and powerful 400W system

Hi-Fi 2 by HAI's unique Remote Input Modules let you easily plug into audio sources you already own and share them with up to 16 zones with room for additional amplification. No audio rack or expensive proprietary components required!

While one zone features relaxing jazz from the satellite radio, another lets patrons enjoy the game outside. In the meantime, pleasing ambient music from an iPod fills a dining room. The iPod could be docked, or use the Bluetooth feature on your cell phone to wirelessly pipe music throughout the building - whether it's stored in iTunes or streaming via Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, etc. Employees can use a regular telephone to make an announcement throughout the premises or speak directly to a single zone.

HAI's Snap-Link Mobile for iPad and iPhone can control all of your AV EquipmentAudio/Video Equipment Control: use an iPad to control every AV device

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote control! Use a single iPad to control everything in the building, including TV's, Blu-Ray players, CD changers, projectors, receivers and more. Adjust volume, change a CD, play a Blu-Ray, tweak the projector's brightness, or dial in your favorite radio station.

Automate all AV equipment to turn off upon your departure every night and automatically turn on upon your arrival every morning. Or, press a single button to set the entire scene - activate the appropriate AV devices but also automatically drop a projection screen, close the window coverings, and adjust lighting/security/temperature to your liking.


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