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Options to Monitor and Control Your Facilities

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HAI OmniTouch 5.7e TouchscreenHAI's award-winning interfaces allow you to control your business from anywhere in the world from your favorite devices.

HAI Touchscreens: plug and play or completely customize

Have immediate control of every sub-system while inside the facility from HAI's discreet 5.7" in-wall Touchscreen. Power over Ethernet models ensure easy retrofits as communication and power is facilitated by a single ethernet cord.

Don't want to have ten light switches on the wall visible to customers? Tuck them into a closet, along with the thermostat and audio controls. Reduce wall clutter since you only need one visible interface! Touchscreens feature 10 different faceplate options to match any style and you can easily customize the graphic interface with preferred colors, buttons, and layouts.

Want to use a larger Touchscreen? Put HAI's GUI on a third-party PC Touchscreen, like the 24" model from one of our Connectivity Partners.

HAI Snap-Link Mobile for iPhoneSoftware Applications : computers, iPhones, iPads, Androids, and more

Quickly adjust and check lights, temperature, webcams, security, audio, access control, and more on the go! Graphically control your building via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Smartphone, or Android device.

Set lighting levels or audio from 0-100% with a sliding scale–or use quick scene buttons. View real time video of surveillance cameras. Conserve energy by adjusting heating and cooling and view humidity and outdoor temperatures. Arm or disarm the alarm and view a security log to monitor activity of employees, service personnel, and contractors. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions, and users receive free updates.

Remote Controls and Keyfobs: add convenience to your systems

HAI offers wireless keyfobs, keypads, and a panic alert pendant. With the push of a button, lights activate and other systems such as access control respond accordingly. HAI has also partnered with several remote control manufacturers to allow HAI control directly from their Touchscreen remote!

Telephone Access: use any phone in the world

A simple phone call to your system can provide either direct control of systems, or just an opportunity to check on your facility’s status. Out of town for the week and want to ensure your security system is armed and the outside lights are on? Dial in and know for certain.

Custom API + Software Developer Kit

A large organization with multiple locations can use HAI's free API + Software developer kit to access all branches from a single interface.



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